Luke & Theresa

"As newlyweds 3 years ago, a shared financial game plan and agreement to commit to this plan was one key factor of success in our marriage then and today. Our friend Ray, helped create this game plan for us, encouraging each us to pay off our student loan debt from graduate school and car note as quickly as possible. This diligence would lead to increased cash flow, opportunities to travel, and an ability to increase our generosity to others, a goal we both share. The anchor of debt would eventually lead to financial freedom.

Today, we are still committed to this journey. We have been able to by a house, and enjoy special trips as our wise budgeting suddenly created the opportunity. Our car note is paid off and 62% of student loans have been paid in less then 3 years.

Thank you Ray for encouraging us and giving us the roadmap to financial freedom."


Adam & Meaghan

“My wife and I come from vastly different backgrounds, and as a result, have opposing views on just about everything, personal finances being no exception. We've both been fortunate enough to make good livings for ourselves, but we couldn't figure out how to make OUR money work for US. She wanted her way, I wanted my way, but we both knew the "Right Way" was somewhere in between. After several months of frustration, we agreed to seek out a neutral third party to assist.

I went to college with Ray and knew he had started a side hustle providing financial coaching services, so I reached out. Any concerns my wife had about Ray being my friend and therefore immediately siding with me were erased during our initial consultation phone call. He displayed confidence, passion, and professionalism from "Hi Mate!" so we purchased the 90 day Accountability package and off we went.

A good coach doesn't just know his sport, or in this case, his subject - but can read people. Ray created a feeling of working with you versus working for you. He was diligent, flexible, but also knew when to create urgency when the time called for it. He kept us accountable for owning the outcome of our 90 day program through staying engaged from start to finish. All the insights and knowledge he provided felt tailored to our situation, rather than recycled from previous clients.

At the end of the program, we were able to wipe out $16,000 in debt and enter our second year of marriage debt free! My wife and I have some pretty ambitious financial goals for 2019 and have Ray to thank for helping us make them achievable. If you're on the fence about seeking financial coaching in the new year, we strongly recommend giving Ray a call!”



"I first approached Ray a few years ago with my troubled financial position after learning that he had significantly paid down his debt in an impressive amount of time.

What I found refreshing and surprising was his immediate response to my situation. Ray began by asking me to list my goals and aspirations not only with my finances but with my life and relationships. My budgeting plan was then built around these goals and the result has been that my financial plan was integrally aligned and interwoven into my life. Ray's approach to finances has changed the way I think about money.

2 years on, following Ray's plan has yielded fantastic results. Not only will I be debt free by the end of this year (2018), but I now have financial security, an aspiring career, a loving wife and my very own company. I attribute a massive portion of my success to Ray's financial philosophy, budgeting ability, and continued accountability. 
I'd be happy to recommend his services to anyone in any financial situation.”