What does a free 15 minute consultation consist of?

I offer a Free Consultation to learn about your unique story & situation. During the call we will touch upon my background, discuss your current situation, learn your financial goals, answer any questions you may have, and then I will discuss the Services I provide. I have the heart of a teacher and I will only recommend Services that I feel will help you achieve your goals.  

how does financial coaching work?

Four Simple Steps:

  1. Upon purchase on the service, you will receive a 'Personal Financial Snapshot' form. After you have filled out and emailed me the form, I will send you a link to book our hour long session.

  2. I will review this high level form ahead of our call which will enable me to discuss your most pressing financial needs.

  3. During the call, I will learn your unique situation and provide information that will move you forward towards your financial goals.

  4. Following our phone call, I will recap our conversation on a recommendation form for you to take action on.

HOW DOES the 90 day accountability package work?

Five Simple Steps:

  1. Upon purchase on this service, I will email you a link for you to complete two online forms: asset review and goal questionnaire.

  2. Also in the email, I will also provide an Excel template so that you can provide me your previous month's expenses. This will help me gain a baseline of your current expenditures.

  3. You sit back and relax while I work. I will set you up on the EveryDollar App with your new budget based on your unique objectives and financial goals.

  4. Then I will set up a phone call to walk you through your new budget and we will discuss the game plan for the next 90 days.

  5. The Accountability part is what makes this unique. After we have discussed your custom budget, I will communicate with you on a bi-weekly basis to monitor your progress, provide motivation, keep you accountable to your budget, and provide recommendations on revising if needed. (6x phone calls approx. 30 mins each).

Why do individuals select this package? On average it takes 90 days to get in the budgeting process, and this service ensures your continued progress in your debt free journey. A client favorite! 

i am ready to START and do not want a fREE consultation. WHat's next?

Go ahead to the Services tab on the top of the page and select the package you wish to purchase. I will be in touch with the necessary requirements shortly after!