About Me

Hi! My name is Ray Robertson, I am 30 years old, and I am the Personal Finance Coach. I am a Christian, husband to a beautiful wife, Bailey; and father to our little bundle of joy, Callum. I was born and raised in the south-east of England, and I migrated to the United States of America in 2008 when I was recruited to play soccer at a four year liberal arts college in Tennessee. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in college, and I worked hard both on and off the field to graduate debt free and with honors.

Following high school graduation, like many at that age, I was unsure of what the next steps were. My father had a rule that if we were under his roof and not in school, we had to pay our way. Off to work I went! I worked on the London Underground subway system for two years working grueling night shifts. A rigorous labor job will teach any youngster the value of an education. After two years of saving, I made the bold move to take a scholarship offer and flee the nest. During college I worked 20 hours a week in the financial aid office and in my spare time I washed dishes at a local church, cut grass, painted, valet cars, etc. This was very tough as I had a very demanding schedule with soccer, but I worked like no one else to have results like no one else. Zero payments after school. 

Following undergrad college, I worked for a year in fundraising for a non-profit. During this time I saved up as much as I could as I knew I would be going to graduate school should the opportunity presented itself. I am a firm believer that if you are focused and determined, the world will conspire to make it happen.  I landed a Graduate Assistant position at a university in Tennessee and I enrolled into the MBA program. The position required 20 hours of administrative work in exchange for tuition. My goal was to graduate debt free again so I started refereeing soccer (I still do this today!) and I worked at a retail outlet to cover a majority of my expenses. Again, I lived like no one else and I ended up graduating with my master’s degree debt free and with a 4.0.

Shortly after graduating with an MBA, I married the love of my life and we moved to Houston where I started my career in healthcare. We combined our debts which totaled to $33,456.13, and we paid this off in 18 months making around $60,000 a year. I had a lawyer debt for my green card and a small bank loan to build credit. A loan to build credit... yes, that was stupid. I will be posting an in-depth blog about our debt snowball later this year. Knocking the debt out really freed up our income allowing us to build an emergency fund and begin saving for a house. My wife and I are goal setters, and we always dreamed of raising a family in Tennessee. So, when we felt like we were financially ready, we made the move back to Tennessee and we were blessed with our first son shortly after. Now we are attacking baby step 6 and trying to pay off our mortgage! The struggle is real on this one haha, but we will keep grinding until we are completely debt free. Keep up with my baby step 6 updates on Instagram. 

I am often asked how or why I started my financial coaching business. After our debt free journey, close friends and family started to consult me on how to get out of debt and start building wealth. After helping them over the years, I realized that I genuinely enjoyed coaching and teaching people through the process and I had always dreamed of starting my own business. So, I took a leap of faith into the open market and was overwhelmed with the interest from week one! Many of my clients were surprised that I wasn't selling any products, and that I am genuinely interested in helping them achieve financial freedom. My goal as a financial coach is to learn your situation, provide information and then inject hope.

Let me know if you would like to talk through a free 15 minute consultation to talk about your life and your money. Hope you enjoyed the blog post! 

Ray Robertson